SELLER PROMO: Make $3 More When You Sell CS:GO Skins

SELLER PROMO: Make $3 More When You Sell CS:GO Skins

Promotion Date: June 15th - July 31th

Sell any CS:GO Skin worth $10 or more within the promotional time frame to get $3 more on your sales in Credits after the transaction has been completed. Limit one per account. Click the link below for more information and restrictions.


when will you do normal promos? i cant participate in these as id dont have or do anything with cs go so i cant receive anything.

Just to give you some insight on how this promotion works on the back-end. As of right now we don’t have the ability to exclude certain categories, so even if you don’t sell a Skin, you’ll receive the Credits. Since we are focusing on branching into the Skins market, we create the assets for this.

How do I participate? I have put an item up for listing on GameFlip and I don’t see any information on the “More Info” page on how I actually get the $3 in credits.

When you actually sell and complete the sale which means both the buyer and seller have rated each other. After this you’ll receive the extra Credit.

I completed a sale worth 39.99$ (it was a bot trade) so buyer rated me… I didnt get the 3$ yet…

i sold a “Gut Knife I Forest DDPAT Field Tested” for 39.99$

Moderator or Admin?? I want my 3$ Bonus

If you haven’t done so already, please email Support so they can look into your account to see what’s going on.

I already reported the issue…

Great, we’ll be able to assist you further once we get to your ticket.

When will you get to my ticket… ?

Support has a ton of tickets to sort through right now. I had the same issue, but it’s all good now! Might take a few days (or less) but they’ll get around to it

Darn I didn’t notice that it expires within 7 days. Make sure you use them quickly after you get the credit everyone.

When do the credits usually get added to the account? I made a $17 sale by bot trade just now and it looks like the extra $3 isn’t there yet. Thanks!

Make sure to check your notifications as this is how Credits are triggered into your account. If you still do not see a notification, please contact Support if you haven’t done so already and we can look into your account to see what’s going on.

Yup, no notification yet. I’ve contacted Support with a photo of the sale. Thanks!

it may not show up until after the sale has been completed. Just wait until the transaction has been completed then check notifications and check your Account for cash/ credits and see if it appears.