seller wont respond nor ship


I previous ordered a amazon card the seller isnt responding to any messages or shipping the item out the shipping day was 1 day and still haven’t received please help cancel transaction my money is being held on.

Username: digitals1001

Tags: @op_JOkEr @DunnBiscuit

It seems your purchase have been cancelled and it happened before the time that the seller promised for delivering the item.

I understand you’d like to receive your products as soon as possible, so I advice you looking for listings with “Automatic Delivery” only.

I’d also like to advice you against creating support tickets and forum posts about items you haven’t received in which the period for shipping is still ongoing. That’s not an issue, it’s by design and you should wait in those cases. Also, if the seller fails to ship within the timeframe specified in the listing, you will be presented with an option to cancel the purchase.