Selling Fortnite on Gameflip

Some of the top sellers of Gameflip are Fortnite sellers, and some sell over 50 listings a day. Like any other person, this intrigued me. I’ve had Fortnite since the start, but I stopped playing it more than a year ago when I fully started Rocket League.

My question is: How long does it take to sell mainstream into Fortnite? Listings of 20,000 Sunbeam is sold for less than $2, which seems a lot of materials but I’m not sure. How long does it take to harvest materials vs how much money you get for it? I’d like to start selling Fortnite items, whether you sell as you get it, or a rich person.


Can anyone also let me know how to use Fortnite on the API?

Everything is fine apart from the platform. which is not showing.

The default listings show this: image Showing that it is a Fortnite item.

My listings show this: image and when I filter the listings to Fortnite, mine do not show because of this.

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