Sending In-game content Fortnite Prohibted by gameflip ?

I received a warning saying That my listing is not going right with terms of selling
I am not selling VBUCKS currency
I am just sending In game content (Skins dance and other items … ) to the receiver (buyer) who give me just his ID … I AM NOT SENDING VBUCKS or giving account with VBUCKS
I want to know if sending In-game content (I mean gift service not sending Vbucks) Is prohibted and not legal In GAMEFLIP ?


Gifting is not allowed to my knowledge, but you can wait for a moderators reply to be sure.

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There is a ton of listing Making Gifting since it’s not selling Premium currency
Gifting is defined as Sending in-game content and even Gameflip is making a category for that

I hope it will be clearly detailled by @moderators And clearly allow us to make a good experience with buyers !


Still waiting for you reply
I stopped selling since I received the warning and my buyers are demanding to list again …I don’t know what to do

@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @moderators

Hello @Yassonee,

Sorry for the wait.

Fortnite gifting is not allowed, since it counts as a premium virtual currency and because gifting takes two days for the user to be able to receive the item in the amount that was purchased.

We give buyers 3 days to test a purchased item and with gifting, the buyer ends up with only 1 day.

So these are the reasons why we do not allow Fortnite Gifting.

Godspeed! :trident: