Selling bundle of Fortnite

Hi Moderator,
I want sell this bundle does it violate Gameflip’s terms?
You can go to website of Samsung to read how to get this skin :
If it violate Gameflip’s term please tell me, i will take off sale .
Hope you reply me soon !
Thanks for reading !

It violate terms of gameflip because you ask for account password - if i understood it correctly for description.

It will be breaking the ToS.

"Items or services that require the exchange of account credentials

Services or items that require either the buyer or the seller to exchange sensitive information such as game account credentials are not allowed on Gameflip."

If you need to ask them for there username and password to do it then its breaking ToS and its not allowed regardless if the buyer agree or not to it.

If you are sending them a code to download the game item then that okay to do.

Remember it’s not about if someone agree or not to your method if it breaks ToS please dont do it or take the risk of being banned.

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Oh okay thank you , i deleted this listing

Its because gameflip cant control what happening to people if they give out user information like names and password.

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If i sell game from AMD Rewards does it violate ?

If you need to ask for there password and user name then yes its breaking ToS.
You cant give other your password or usernames too being its breaks ToS too.

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