September Autumun Flash Promo - Get $5!

I have a doubt. There is a current promotion that if we purchase anything of 50$ and above, we will get 5$ credits. What does 50$ mean? Is it after discount or before discount?
So let’s say, we have an amazon gift card of 50$ on sale at 45$. Will it be counted under the promotion?

50$ price

you have to pay 50.00 or above in order to get 5$ credit

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Are you saying this because of your experience or is that your interpretation?

@goelsidhant92 I bought something for $50 and got the $5 credit right after I rated. It has to be $50 exactly or higher with no promos intact. Wayz is a veteran on here you can trust any information he puts out.

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Ok Thanks everyone for the confirmation

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What is the September Autumun Promode Code… Mind to send it here? My message was auto deleted… Thank you

You will get it automatically if you make a purchase of 50$ or more.