Sold a karambit 32 hours ago but still under review? Not getting skin back.

When the guy bought my $100 csgo skin it went under review… gameflip said if it isn’t verified within 24 hours it would go back up for sale but it’s been 32-34 hours and still nothing?? This is so frustrating as there may as well be no support as you don’t get a reply soo how long do I have to wait?

Mine was like 5 days. But i have it back.
Just wait :slight_smile:

Hey @Lurrpax,

When a listing that has been purchased and is “Under Review”, the buyer’s payment was caught by our payment verification measures and awaiting for them to verify before we can push it through. If they are unable to verify their information within the 24 hours from when we notify them, the purchase will be cancelled and automatically relisted back onto the marketplace.

You can also read more about this process here: Why my item is under review