Sold a CS:GO skin, Been in progress very long

I sold a Karambit Tiger Tooth almost 30 hours ago and it says the sale is “under review” i’d just like to know when i will get my money or my knife back. im very sorry if this has been answered before. i read the FAQ but i still would like to ask to be safe.
i know you are very busy please answer when you can
Have a nice day,

Hey Greeeeeegy, Im not a support member just a helpful featured store, Id like to say that for under review transaction there may have been something wrong with the buyers payment or information and for the safety of you and the buyer the system places a hold on the transaction to ensure nothing goes wrong.
Sadly it is the weekend and they are away for the weekend so you will have to wait until monday for support to get back.
If you haven’t already submit a support ticket letting them know the issue and they will get to you in the order received for tickets. Hope this helps.

@Vincents_Gaming thank you very much for clarification. this community is very nice and i will be spending a lot of time here. yes i assumed i needed to wait until monday but that is ok. i just needed to know because this money will buy me car parts and as a caar person i’m impatient.
thank you and have a nice day,

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Hi @Greeeeegy!

If you are still waiting for your item or you have some problem, as @Vincents_Gaming said, contact the support through here:

We’ll gladly help you out.