Sold my knife and now it's 'under review'


I sold my Flip Knife Rust Coat (BS).
And now it says:‘Under review’.
How long does this take?
Sorry for this stupid question… I’m new :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m waiting 5 hours already…
And I can’t send the buyer a message (
Sorry for my bad english… and thanks.

Kind regards,


For situations like these, our back-end automated fraud measures found an anomaly with the purchase and we need to manually look into it to verify. This could take up to 24-72hrs since we need to research it and/or get more information form the Buyer. Once we deem that this purchase is good, you’ll get an email and notification letting you know that it has sold and can continue the transfer.

Two people have cancelled the order…
So it’s with everyone person who buys it… :frowning:


I sold it now like 4/5 times…
But they all canceled it, because the ‘under review’ was during too long.
Why is there always ‘under review’?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but want to protect you from anything that we deem suspicious or fraudulent.

I know but it’s very annoying that I cant sell anything.