Sold Item, Still haven't received payment.

I sold a gift card a couple days ago which then went under review and when I checked again it said someone else had bought the listing then. I still haven’t received any payment though and it has been multiple days now, the listing was set to auto-delivery too so I am not sure if the buyer already has the code on their end. When I look at my activity page it also doesn’t show anything new even though the listing is ‘sold’ now. I submitted a help ticket but haven’t heard anything back for 2 days now.

Hello @reno_valdes,

After the buyer receives the code (this happens after the review process is completed), he/she has 3 days to inspect and rate you back. If he/she doesn’t, the item will be automatically rated by our system.

After one of the above happens, you will be able to rate the buyer back and receive your money.

If you have any other question, please, do not hesitate to contact us.