Steam Wallet Code: Buyer Not Rate After Redeemed Code

Hello gameflip,

Im listing gift card code price $100 and the item key/code already been shipped to buyer. Im curious with the seller, until now he is not yet rate my gift card $100 after redeemed the code. I just made contact with the buyer but he keep silenced after read my last comment.

Can you check for my issue and help me finalize my sell ? Thanks.

My invite code is : TU4K4T.

The order ID : 5c97b6df-87c4-4497-8001-d2eaa0d7362f


The Buyer has 3 days to rate the Seller after the item is delivered. If the Buyer does not rate the Seller within these 3 days, then the system will automatically finalize the transaction and give the Seller a good rating. For the Seller to prompt the system to auto-rate, they must revisit the listing once the 3 days are up. Revisiting the listing means to simply tap on it and a notification should show up.

After this auto-rating occurs, the Seller should proceed in rating the Buyer in order to be paid.

Thank you.