Someone opened a dispute with me how do I send a video to gameflip as evidence

Please help me need to win this dispute.

Is it a video file on your computer? If it allows you, press the add files button (or whatever it is similarly called) and attach the video. If not, perhaps upload it to Youtube and send paste in the URL to the video as a reply? I am not really sure if that will work but good luck. Perhaps last resort is to open a ticket to Gameflip explaining your situation and adding the specific order ID this applies to and send them the video as a file or something. Good luck!

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I uploaded to YouTube and provided gameflip with a link hopefully they watch the video. It’s 2 hours long…

what 2h long there is no way there going to watch all that as u can make video with less than 5min with full prof, why you need 2h that movie now

It’s a whole base build of me building the whole thing

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And that all the evidence I have I guess they can skip to the end to see me finish…

then yeh make the video with normal start then make it move alot faster like 2h in 4min faster tell the end part when u did finish then slow it down to show the end part

as they don’t have to see it all as all matter is the start and the end

Hello H1ghAF,

Did you open a ticket to the support team so they can check your case? If so, can you tell me the ticket number as well so maybe I can speed things up for you?

@baaziz0yassine Thanks for replying to the topic, but let us decide from our side what is too much time or not, ok?

2 hours, 2 minutes…If the video has all the necessary evidence and we need to watch it all to see it, then that is what we are going to do.

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Here’s the order number c74eb429-1d95-40ac-811e-cccc2553fcf4. Recommend not to have audio it’s gonna be unpleasant. The quality of my video is not the best but you can see me joining his game and see his name on the bottom left corner

Anyone know how long a dispute usually last?

It takes awhile since they have to look at each party’s evidence. Could take several days (maybe 3 days?).

Can both parties still rate each other or not?

But if buyer wants to escalate dispute to waste more time before the normal dispute time is over despite knowing he will lose, then it may take longer.

Not sure about that because your the seller in this case. If buyer wins dispute, they can’t rate because transaction will be cancelled. In your case since your probably going win as the buyer probably is a scammer, the transaction will be completed.

But of course, if you get a bad rating with no particular reason, you can just contact Support to get it removed.

hi @MajorTom Can you help me, I have video evidence but there is personal information, I need to send the video separately, I already contacted support and I have little time left.
ID order
request: 594245

Hello @Javier_Tejada,

If you are able to save the video onto your documents, you can send it as an attachment by e-mail to Gameflip Support.

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning:

@ Javier_Tejada Issue replied via DM

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