Spamming on gameflip - All day

Hello, so this guy called ‘’ Fastcrates ‘’ is constantly spamming every day…

His gf profile:


Can any mod do something about this? He aint stopping

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@DarkKnight @MajorTom

This guy is doing the same…
Name: Tanamon 78
His profile:

Any mod can do something please? Its getting annoying. @DarkKnight


doing more spam.
Yes you are least the price is correct.
I’m not complaining about this situation.
main problem is spam + low prices

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according to me.
use of api should be banned.
gameflip should ban this


about time he gets exposed.

Also is a known scammer on his main xbox profile.with the fact he is one of the biggest spammer.

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i mean, i dont really care abt the price. He can undercut whatever he wants, the problem here is the insane spam. Even he has a low price but doesnt spamm, i can sell at my price anyways. The problem is the fu**** spamm hes doing all day!!!


Ive seen noone did this, so im tired of watching him doing what he wants. I had to… hope any mod can do smth, they havent appear in like 4 days lmao

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Looks like someone didnt check the video or the picture i uploaded here. The 2 pics i uploaded says 30 MINS AGO and 6 MINS AGO. Doesnt matter if hes the highets rate seller, my point is trying to show that he is posting the same listing TWICE or even MORE in 24hs… maybe u dont know, but u can only post the same item within 24hs. E.g if u post octane white at 3pm, u gotta post the same item, 3pm or so the next day. U cant post it twice in less than 24hs… Please read carefully before adding any comment broda.

Gameflip has had problems with spamming for over a year. I’ve mad posts about it months ago as well. Their methods of fixing it is terrible. If they don’t limit posts per day or ban apis in general this will keep happening. The one time they banned people they made more accounts or just spammed different amounts of keys instead of the same amounts and spammed even harder. I bet the same thing will happen now, they will suspend people and they will come back and post every credit amount possible and spam just as hard instead of the same amounts over and over and that falls in the rules. There are multiple people spamming not just one, so others have to spam to compete and more and more people spam. Banning one person isn’t going to help the terrible rules they have regarding the matter.

Im w/ you broda, they should send a warn or ban those who are spamming all day… Thats why i made this post. At least in steam section, there are not a lot of spammers, just a few like this guys. If u see someone spamming, do a topic or report them here. Thats the only way they will stop.