Spamming seller in rocket league ps4 AGAIN

Hello, a few months ago I published that there was a seller (sesoris) who spammed the rocket league ps4 section, now I am making a post again since he spammed his listings again, about 5 listings in less than 1 minute, And from what I know, now there is a restriction in the api in which 1 list is published per minute, I need someone to stop it, because it has been more than 15 hours putting lists without stopping. thanks

Nobody cares about it

Hello @Nahuel_Sandoval,

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

For now, we are analyzing the situation and will probably create more specific rules in the future to better address the spam issue.

Also, you can feel free to open a ticket to the Support Team in the following link:

God Speed! :trident: