Steam refunded the game i bought from a seller

So i bought playerunkown battlegrounds and the next day the seller send me a gift with my game it was all ok until now 3 months later a notification on my steam pops up that steam refunded this game because of this “due to a problem processing payment for this item”

Please provide full screen evidence via ticket.
The support team should be able to help.

Please follow the steps below:

Go to your Steam Support account using this link:

Search for the deleted game:

Select “It’s not in my library” option and provide a screenshot of the page displayed afterwards:

Provide screenshot in ticket !

@N_Smoki as mentioned previously, submit the evidence via ticket.
You can open a ticket via our site, app or

I cannot help you further with this issue via Forum.

I’ve been sending it to the ticket but no one responded 2days guess i’ll