I have been scammed?

Hey guys,

I recently purchased the game “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” from a seller and I believe I have been scammed? I got the game from him through a steam gift and it was working fine at first, I logged into the game after installing it and played around with it for a few minutes. And then an hour later I got a message from my steam client saying “Your recent gift received from “Rick 2” has been revoked due to a problem processing payment for this item. The games associated with this gift can no longer be played as a result. If you would like to purchase this item, visit the Steam Store. Otherwise, you may choose to delete the local content associated with this gift.”. What should I do in this case? Can I get a refund? Any help is appreciated.

Here is the screenshot I took: http://imgur.com/a/j1j7h

yeah me too also gifted by rick 2
i have proof.

and its not in my steam library anymore

steam gift games are like paypal, can be refunded

So is there anything to be done at this point? This scumbag is STILL SELLING TO OTHER PEOPLE. I seriously feel bad for my friend since I recommended my friend to buy one from him as well.

As for other people who have seen this post, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM TRIPPIE.

Ah Trippie… I rated him neutral… I sent a ticket out… hopefully I get my money back, my gift was revoked… Kinda pissed about it but what can ya do other then go to support?

I hope the mods and admins are paying attention here… Trippie is a bad seller…