Steampumpkin seller

is steampumpkin the most reliable seller ever? (Gameflip)

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There are a few reliable big time seller on Gameflip

Yes steampumpkin is one of them

Everyone has a different opinion who the “Most reliable seller ever” but at the end of the day it does not matter who the best. It matter that we have more big time reliable seller on Gameflip to give people more of a options and we don’t have one person who has a monopoly power.

Lucy :heart:


I’m reliable seller as well… i just dont sale gift cards :smiley:

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It doesnt matter. Some sellers are reliable but their suppliers are not

That why I dont sale gift cards etc. Because I dont trust people.

I sell only skins, because here no one can refund it.

i have bought many steam gift cards from him 5 months ago i think, for personal use none of them get revoked so far…

Steam Pumpkin is pretty much the most reliable seller on Gameflip. I purchased well over 2000 codes from him and never had any issues, except with one Xbox $50 but not sure whether it was my fault or his but oh well. He sells iTunes, Google Play, Steam, PSN, Xbox, Nintendo, and some other stuff too.

Too bad he doesn’t run his business as before. His prices were a lot cheaper and he used to sell discounted bundles but not anymore. He also used to bring pretty much all products such as memberships and all denominations, but not now. I think he either sold his business or just isn’t serious about running it as he used to be.

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