Subscription issues


I don’t get discount as described, but it’s being calculated like I didn’t subscribe, as 10% is still being deducted from my sales, Is anyone facing this issues? I need help…


Your Sales Cap are almost full…
I think Ultra Club suits you the best.


That’s my point, it keeps counting but I don’t get the discount on sales, as it says I should get discount on every sales but I don’t.


You already got your lower fees on your sales but you havent noticed… And your Sales Cap is full this means you have to wait for renewal which comes every month…


True but that’s not 500 caps yet, it still has $ 34, I just made sales and it’s still not giving discounts, I’m hoping it’s not a charge. :rofl:


This is not a report and that’s why I didn’t involve the customer service, I just wanted contributions from those with more experience than mine. I made sales yesterday and it was same thing. I’m hoping they release it …