Suggestion: Allow return option for expired skin listings

Recently I’ve noticed some of my bot-trade/auto-delivery items are expiring. Currently on the Listings > Expired the only options are to List or Delete. It would be great if we could Return them from this expired page and possibly also Change Price (similar to the Listings > Draft page). Alternatively you could add something similar to the Take Off Sale option so we could then Change Price or Return once they are in Draft format. Thanks for reading.

Hello 000,

Once you list the items, the price and other details can then be changed from there.

Thanks, Aeralo. :comet:

Thank you for trying to help, but I’m more than familiar with the system. This is something you wouldn’t have run into as someone who has used the site for less than 2 years. That does not work at all for my situation and would be quite inefficient even for those who could use that method.

That’s extremely inefficient for users with a significant amount of listings. You also cannot perform the Return option (entire point of this post) from On Sale. Why force users to go to 3 separate pages, enter the same 3 filters (which won’t be save each time you change pages), and perform the same actions over and over? The site also doesn’t update immediately so you may have to wait several minutes for the filters to apply properly after you move items.

In addition to being inefficient it also doesn’t work for my situation as the longest allowed list time is 1 year and I have listings older than 1 year so it doesn’t even get moved to the end of the list of “oldest” when sorted. Are we supposed to then manually search through thousands of listings with a weak search system to find and return these listings? I don’t have the time for that and will just use other sites for low profit margin items.

I look forward to hearing from some more experienced sellers and support.

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