Suggestion - Allow Subscriptions to work up to full amount.

I think it would be much nicer if the subscriptions would work up to the full amount. For example the Pro Club allows for discounts on items sold up to $500, but the way it’s calculated now means you can get wildly different amounts based on when items sell. If I sell a $6 item earlier in the month and then a $500 later I will only get a discount on the $6 sale and won’t get any discount from the $500 sale as it puts it over the limit. If I had sold the $500 item first I would have been able to get the discount on the full $500.

So at $59.35 sales used for this subscription period I now missed out and paid full fees on a $500 sale rather than having any portion of it discounted. If I happen to sell any other high priced items they will also not have any discount applied towards them. I usually don’t hit the cap in this section, but it would be nice when I do to not feel punished for having prior sales. It’s frustrating enough that I’ve cancelled my Pro Club I’ve had for a long time as it just doesn’t seem worth it.

They greedy bro,they want that money,those fees are how they get there’s they work it out so it seems like your getting a deal when really,they’re the ones making out,and I don’t blame them tbh,this whole site is based around spending or making money,so why shouldn’t they get there’s,there the ones that make it so we can safely sell whatever we want