Support ticket unanswered

I’ve had multiple items stuck on bots for for well over a year. I can’t retrieve them to my inventory and no buyer can retrieve them. I put in a ticket (#664545) almost 2 months ago and the only response I’ve received was an automated attempt to close the ticket because of inactivity.

Could I please have someone look into this and return my item or issue a refund? This is a follow up to tickets #547811 and #544654 which reference other tickets from 2 years ago. I have only ever received helpful replies from ‘Diogo’ and even he has not been able to fully assist me. KGUJ7X is my code.

I’d like to add it’s difficult for sellers to know when their items are banned until buyers make several unsuccessful attempts to purchase them. Years ago I recall GF refunding items by purchasing as soon as a bot was banned. It would be wonderful if someone were able to start doing that again.

Thank you for your time.