Suspension of my Account

Hello There @DunnBiscuit

I Like to Know Why Exactly my account has been Suspended? and for How long? and Please tell me What Should I do about it?

My profile/invite code: AQ16YS


I Like to add this that i have over $400 on my wallet, is it possible to withdraw them to my PayPal? Please Guide me what should i do in order to receive my money.

Thanks again

I Have All the Receipts for the Games i Sold at GameFlip and i can happily Share them with you. I Have a Retail Store and I’m Official Partner/Disturber to the Most Major Disturbers in China.


Your account was suspended due to it being an alternate account from one that was selling preorder accesses as completed games (FarCry 5).

Unfortunately I’m unable to provide you further help, since I can’t lift the suspension from your account.