Thanks for using service, but...

Since i haven’t found any support formular on your website (may be just overlooked it), i thought i would just contact you here.

I’ve notices that your pricing of ingame items is based on pricing, but i don’t see any notice about service itself.

I would please you to add such information about service usage.

Hi Jan. I’ve replied to you via PM.

Hey why can’t I use my phone number to set up my account

You should create a new thread by going to the forum lobby and clicking on “+ New Topic”.

What was the error message that you saw when setting up? It’s possible that your country isn’t supported by phone verification, what country are you registering from? If you’re using a prepaid phone or VOIP service, that number may be rejected too, perhaps you can use another household member’s mobile phone number instead?

So I am in US and it says phone number blocked please help