The 'add funds fee' is making it too expensive to buy some items

I do not recall this being in there before, this fee to add funds, and I have added funds several times, but maybe it was. As a rule of thumb, it is a bad idea to charge people an up front fee for doing business with one’s company. Everyone understands fees and taxes when a purchase is made or a withdrawal, but to be charged for adding funds…it’s just not a good idea, imho.

It is much better to derive income from actual sales. Either the seller can pay all fees, and incorporate their fees into the prices, or it can be all on the buyer, or a mixture of both. If it’s all on the seller, that could make it hard for sellers to compete with other sites, since buyers’ first impression is made by comparing item sale prices.

Many buyers will go ahead and buy items even after they see in the checkout phase that the fees will make the purchase just a little bit more than other sites. They’ve already gone to the trouble of picking everything out, and many will say, “an extra dime or two is no big deal”. But an up front funds fee is a blatant penalty for doing business with the company, and the buyer can easily say, " you know, the other sites don’t have these funds fees before you’ve even bought anything", and then back out.

In my case, I was in the process of adding $25, but when I saw the $1.05 fee, I changed my mind. I intended to buy keys, and when I factored in the funds fee, it became cheaper to get the keys elsewhere.

If GF insists on keeping the ‘add funds fee’, then I would highly recommend that you remove it or reimburse it for select items where the competition is razer thin, such as with keys. Simply, put, at this point in time, the funds fee makes buying TF2 keys here more expensive (at current market prices), and yes, a few pennies each does make a difference when you’re doing, or planning on doing, lots of trading.

If things go as I plan, over time, I will be buying and selling thousands of keys across many games, so those pennies will add up.

If you add $25 fund it will add a fee to the added money.
If you add $25, trying to buy them $25 keys item it wont add a processing fee once you buy them keys being you already have the money in your wallet and already pay the processing feeling for that $25.

If you have no money in your wallet and try buying the $25 keys without adding the funds to your wallet it’s going to add a processing fee.

Regardless how you do it one or the other way you will get a processing fee.

“Processing fees will only be applied to the charge amount of the purchase. If you have a Cash Balance (from sale proceeds or add funds) or Credits, these will be applied to the cost of the item first, and the remaining charge will be used for calculating the processing fee.”

Hmm, that is actually more confusing, but either way, the bottom line is, because of the fee, it was cheaper for me to buy keys elsewhere. This might not be the case for more expensive items, but for keys, pennies make or break the sale.

Adding 25$ to your wallet to buy 25$ keys will give you 1.05$ Processing fees but once you go buy the item it will only take 25$ from your wallet.

Adding 0$ to your wallet to buy them trying to buy the same keys will give you a 1.05$ processing fee once you click the item so it will cost 26.05$.

Regardless how you do it there always a Processing fees and cost the same.

Adding to your wallet help with items under 10$ or items over 100$. It can also help for saving for a big end item.

As you can see once I bought the item no fee came out but if I wouldn’t of added the money to my wallet first I would of got the fee once I try buying the item.

I think I see what you’re saying, but none of that changes my point, which is, when key prices are the same between this site and another with no buy’er fees, then the other site is cheaper, so, it’s lost sales for GF.

At the end of the day all sites handle things different.
The same go for the prices people are asking for things.
You may find people who are over pricing or under pricing.
I’m sure you could always find sites that are cheaper for anything but it’s always good to have a site you trust and gameflip does all in its power to make everyone happy with things plus guaranteed things plus making little money for themself.

I’m sure ppl using gameflip trust them that why ppl using gameflip :heart:

Also gameflip give out alot of 15% to 20% off codes alot.

The seller already have there own fee they pay once listing things too.

I understand what you’re saying, there’s pros and cons for every site. But for serious key buyers, at least with TF2, the other site is high volume and this site is low volume. Key buyers and sellers literally haggle over a single penny, so a one penny difference can mean big differences in volume.

Fair opinion.
Some prefer here for the service and trust.
Some prefer others for their volume of sales and better prices.

It would be great if one site had all , but one can’t be too greedy .