Processing fee problem

It’s my first time to purchase on Gameflip.

I was trying to purchase some item with $240 listed price.

When I click buy, it told me there’s a $7.5 processing fee so the total becomes $247.5.

But at the same time, on “payment” part, it writes"Please add funds to your wallet before purchasing this item."

When I try to add funds, there’s another processing fee for $3.3/$100.

Does it mean I need to pay these double process fees if I want to make the purchase?

I need to pay around $255.5 to add $247.5 to my wallet and buy that $240 item? It’s so confusing…

For items priced between $10 to $100, you can buy it directly with PayPal or a credit card without having to “add funds”, and that’s where the Checkout Processing Fee applies.

If you buy an item below $10 or above $100, you have to use your added funds, and the Checkout Processing Fee will be $0.00. Note that when you add funds, you’ll be charged the Add Funds Order Processing Fee.

So no, you do not pay double processing fees. It’s one for when you use “Added Funds”, and one for when you don’t.

Suppose you have $0 in your wallet, you will have to add $240 in funds to your wallet, which totals to $247.50 with fees included. Since this is your first time purchasing, you can only add funds between $5.00 and $100.00. So you’ll have to add in installments $100, $100, and $40. If you’re okay with that, please note the message:

I understand that funds added to my wallet can only be used for purchases and cannot be withdrawn, refunded, or paid out .


Got it! thank you so much