Any way to avoid processing fee?

I don’t think when Gameflip first came out there was a processing fee. Maybe there was and I just didn’t notice… Back then pumpkin was selling cards for 25-30% discounts so the fee wouldn’t have been as noticeable. But still, I don’t think it was there.

At this point with the added fees there’s barely a discount without a promotion, so anybody know of a payment method that might lower or get rid of it?

Outside of using cash earned via sales (no processing fee), Bitcoin is the lowest in terms of processing fees.

What happens is that at the very beginning, Gameflip was taking a loss on all processing fees. Payment methods and credit card operators like PayPal charge a fee to buyers (payment) and sellers (cashout) for their services and pretty much no one that use these services can get away with it.

Gameflip started charging for the processing fees a while ago and now there were some adjustments due to the upcoming PayPal changes.

Thanks for the reply and explanation.

Very sad, though. Combined with the higher prices these days on gift cards it makes them barely discounted :frowning: