Processing fee will be waived if I put money on wallet first?

Am I understanding it right, I am new to gameflip. There seems to be cheap Psn codes in there and got me interested. However when I decide to check out, there seems to be processing fee.

It says that theres no processing fee if I use gameflip cash. Does this mean it will be waived?

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Gameflip cash is when you sell something on Gameflip and you get the proceeds from it. You also get it when you deposit funds onto Gameflip but there is a processing fee to do so. When you pay with the money you deposited on the site, the site won’t charge you another processing fee since you are using money you deposited on the site. The only way to be free of the processing fee is to sell something on the site but that charges you commission fees as well. Essentially, there isn’t a way to avoid some sort of fee when buying something on Gameflip.

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Hi! you only pay processing fee ONCE, when you fill up you wallet!

After that you pay NOTHING on purchases you make with wallet funds!

Hello @anishbros8,

You will pay a processing fee by purchasing a determined item or buying funds to your wallet. After the funds are in your wallet, the fee will no longer be charged.

Also, processing fees are a percentage-based fee that’s charged along with every payment processed through credit, debit, prepaid cards or Bitcoin.

These fees come from our payment processor (Ingenico) with every transaction that happens.

We have, as a company, been eating these costs until now. This will help us to continue to be able to provide users with the best possible marketplace experience, as well as give back to the community more often.

If you have further doubts regarding the fees, please check the following link:

Have a wonderful day!

God Speed! :trident:

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On your help desk it says you use Stripe as your payment processor, and here you say its Ingenico. Which one is it? Also if you were using Stripe why stop using it? They provide good marketplace solutions that can save sellers a lot of money, especially on payout solutions & fees… So can you explain why you guys don’t use stripe anymore?

Hello @harshp25,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

We have changed to Ingenico for some time now and I’m not able to provide you further details on that.

Also, we will make sure to update that information so there is no further confusion.

Thanks for the report and have a good day!

God Speed! :trident:

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