This very quickly is feeling like a scam

After removing Paypal with “NO” notice I am being forced to sign up and exchange my personal information with other companies that I am unfamiliar with. And I emphasize “no” notice because they keep claiming that is was posted in forums that a change would be made. This makes no sense at all and is extremely shady. If you make changes that effect payments in any way, then we need to be informed. A simple email or personal message to all users makes sense. To post in a forum is pure shadiness.

As for being very reluctantly being forced to sign up and withdrawl with Skrill, they are now demanding that I upload my social security card and ID in order to be verified. All in all it looks like I will not be getting the $37 from my wallet and have sold all these keys last month for absolutely nothing! I am really sick of these online companies bullying people and not having to show face.

You may have missed it, but the change was announced a month ago. There was an email sent during that time (I received one).

It’s unfortunate that PayPal is not available, but for any money paying out (like a bank), it’s simply legally required for money transferring business (such as banks) to demand identity such as driver license and social security. If you open a new bank account (online or in person), you’d be required to provide these documentation.

I did not receive and email. So therefore I have no clue how I would have known about this. I would not have been selling keys if I knew that this was happening. And I understand why verificatation is required for bank transfers, but it should be forced on me to so when I was not informed of this happening. I had already verified myself through gameflip and paypal, and never informed that I would have to share my sensative personal information. Regardless of how “reputable” or not Skrill is, I am not at all familiar with them and shouldn’t be forced to share my information to recieve my money for my keys.

It all comes down to advertising. You and people around you don’t know it because they don’t advertise that much. Those are all reputable companies. They have to comply with regulations by asking your personal details. Paypal is getting stricter and stricter. It’s a PITA to work with them even if you have a legally licensed business.

Take it or leave it.

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I am not questioning their decision. I had no idea that this was happening is what I am upset about. If i’d known I would not have continued to sell games. And the fact that my funds are being held unless I start a new account with some other company that I am unfamiliar with. I don’t have any way to upload documents they are asking for to them nor do I really want to. And they can be breached just as Paypal has been breached. But I’m not sure you care about my situation, and just wanted to sound intelligent.

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Skrill balance still showing 0 after they said the funds were available. I’d love to call them but my phone is off due to the bill being unpaid.


If you want I can pay your bill :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s kind of you “usergx”.
Update: Skrill is telling me that the money is in my account ready to be withdrawn, but my balance on there is showing ($0.00) and the option to withdrawal is grayed out. Customer service messaged me twice saying that the money is there and ready for me to withdrawal. Oh, and their phone number is of international, so I can have fun running my bill up getting charged by the minute. Gameflip says there’s nothing they can do. Like I said, they can keep the money at this point, but I’m not gonna be quiet about it. BBB report on the way!

This is a list of complaints to show how “reputable” and “safe” Skrill is. Still battling their customer service for my money.