This website is a scam!

My account has been banned and they tell me I’ve conducted in fake sales and stuff and they said they won’t review my case and see if i can get temp unsuspended and get my hard earned money. What this website is gonna do is let u get money in your account then ban you so they get the money. This has happened to other people just look on the forums. The customer support is awful and sometimes rude they won’t even review my case and are stealing my money which I had in game and sold to people because I needed the money for a emergency and now I don’t have the money nor the in game items.

Hello @Joshking567 ,

I’m sorry to hear your account was banned. Some users got recently banned because of revoked key sales. I’m not sure if that is your case, but what happens is:

  1. Seller buys key from untrusted source and list on Gameflip
  2. Seller successfully sells the key
  3. Buyer gets the key revoked after the transaction was complete and open a ticket
  4. Gameflip investigates the case and if the revoke is confirmed, suspend the seller
  5. Seller, in most cases, don’t acknowledge the unreliable source of the code and thinks Gameflip is suspending him/her with no legitimate reason.

If your case is different than the one above and you are 100% sure that you haven’t violated our rules and terms of service, I’d be more than glad to review your case.

Could you help me, please , No one answered my ticket its number is 132168

All of the stuff that I earned in game and sold has been earned by me I’ve never bought anything from a website or anything. I’m friends with some of the people I sold the items to and I play the game with them and they have the items. My invite code is 3FVK9V

Hello @Joshking567.

I personally reviewed your case earlier today. Unfortunately you created “donation listings” meaning that you were asking buyers for free money.

This is against our rules, therefore a suspension was placed within your account.

Unfortunately after reviewing your case and your violation of our rules I couldn’t unsuspend your account.

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