gameflip is a scam site dont use

they banned me when i was warning users about scammers and my account had $90 in it
so i would recomend DONT USE GAMEFLIP

This is why you were banned.

You should refrain from making more threads about this or risk being suspended here too.

You were already addressed. You attempted to scam someone. and warning others about scammers doesn’t make you better.

On behalf of the community, we are glad you are suspended :slight_smile:

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yes because warning people about scammers is scamming sure good job i hope gameflip screws you like it does to everyone eventually

Let me understand it better here.

You asked a buyer to rate you fast so you can get the money to pay for gas. You would supposedly then go home later to deliver the item. Is that right?

Wouldn’t it be faster to beg someone at a gas station for 1 gallon of gas to get home? How many gas stations out there accept PayPal?

no i was warning people about the guy doing that trade i was not asking nor did i confirm any of the trades anyone bought i was warning people

The website isn’t a scam site there are scum people who make it look bad!

you keep hanging onto this whole, warning people about a scam post. You were told why you banned and it had nothing to do with that.