Time until balance is transfered to Paypal?

I recently discovered I could sell my rocket league items for money so I have been doing that the past day on here. I have been just transferring the money balance on here straight to Paypal and it has been working perfectly, instantly for about 3-4 payments. Earlier today I tried to transfer some money and I just did another one as well and it was not instant this time. I am just curious on what other people have experienced with transfer times to Paypal? Do they not operate on Sundays maybe? It has been about 3 hours and I submitted a ticket that got no response from the higher ups so I thought I would ask the public.

Any comments are appreciated. I can look in my balance and see that it says “Needs_Approval” so at least I know the money isn’t just gone yet, I still have it.

Ive just had a game validated from 2 days ago. Paypal said it needed Gameflip to validate it 1st.

Hey guys, the money withdraw process may take up to 2 business days to complete after you requested the withdraw.

If you still have issues after the 2 business days, please. contact us so we can look into this further.


Just had an order cancelled by gameflip. I’ve tried to order it again. Pretty unfair on the sellers and buyers this. Hate waiting days.

Do you know why the order was cancelled? Or can you tell me which order was it so i can investigate further?

its happened twice now. !st time csgo. 2nd time Commander - Conquest Of The Americas. No idea why. it just happened. Still waiting for Commander - Conquest Of The Americas to be validated for a 2nd time. Dont knows going on with gameflip but why does everything need to be validated.

just been canceled again. WTF

e8db8d08-4d00-4c08-8bb8-1e4f3cfd3f3b order number