Tomb raider or Uncharted?

With all the hype surrounding between Uncharted 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, I just wanted to know what you guys think is the better video game. Me personally I like Uncharted slightly better than Tomb Raider, but they are both great games. So what do you guys think is better?

I played uncharted 3 and it was meh, and I was just playing the tomb raider from last year I think it was and it is actually super addicting, so I would say tomb raider as of now.

Ugh that’s a hard one. They both have great qualities in retrospect, but I think overall as of right now it’d have to be Uncharted. But that could easily change after playing the latest iterations in both of these series.

Yeah I agree I would have to maybe wait for the new games and then make my vote. It is a hard one because they are both unique and great in their own ways.

I’m going with uncharted. Haven’t played tombraider in along time