DLC vs Remasters

What do you guys think is worse for gaming. DLC or remasters? They both are bad for gaming, but for me personally I would say DLC is worse. What about you guys?

I think they are both good with moderation just like anything. Dlc is fine unless it’s like cod shoving it down your throat for content that isn’t that much, compared to stuff like Witcher 3, Last of us that are very good examples of dlc. And remasters are fine if it has been a long time like rare collection

I don’t necessarily mind remasters if it’s of a game from an older generation console. This way great games (like Last of Us) that might not of been played from people on an older generation console, could be played if they have the current gen system. As well as if there’s a newer game in the series coming up (like Uncharted 4), having a remastered collection like the Uncharted Collection, would give fans of the series and even new-comers play the old games leading up to the latest game.

As for DLC, this can be very frustrating. If publishers take away content from a game to create DLC (extra maps, weapons, etc.), this absolutely pisses me off. If the DLC is basically like an expansion pack where it does take time to develop and is substantial. Then I’m all for this. To be honest, I’d rather see micro transactions in-game then having to buy half of a game at full price and spend another $40-$50 for the other half.

I agree, I just hate having dlcs that don’t do anything but add a new map and weapon that could have been in the original game. I like remastered games if they are for older games.

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