Toxic Gaming TeamSpeak Community

Hey guuuys! So hi, Im Laura nice to meet you all:D
I’m happy to say that this is literally the best teamspeak I’ve ever been on.
Since the day I came, I havent felt bored, or unwanted. From the first moment I came on this teamspeak I had fun and people actually payed attention to everyone around.
There’s no little groups, we’re all family and everyone is resepcted equaly. :slight_smile:
Im happy to see new people coming and have more and more people have fun with us.
We play a lot of LoL, Overwatch, CS:GO, Minecraft, Heartstone, and whole lot of other games. Dont hesitate to join us, cause we’re happy to accept you as our member.
On our teamspeak you wont find trolls and disrespectful people cause we have order, but most of all fun.
I hope next IP you copy/paste is going to be ours hihi so cheesy hahah, see ya people
IP adress :