UK Sales (selling items)

I am new to gameflip and generally selling items online and I have a few questions.

  1. Can I convert the sales currency to GBP and if so how? In my app I only see an option for USD and FLP.
  2. How long does it typically take for the money to come through?
  3. How do refunds work? What proof will I have to make sure I get to prevent people from just refunding money to steal my items?

Although you withdraw your sale proceeds in USD to Payoneer or Skrill, you can then withdraw to GBP from Payoneer and Skrill to your bank account. You should check to see what fee(s) Payoneer or Skrill charges when sending money to your bank in your currency.

When you withdraw from Gameflip, it is usually fast (your individual case may vary). I think withdrawing from Payoneer and Skrill are fast also, but it may be slow if your account is new.

Like anything, it is often slower in the beginning, but it will be fast once you have an established (and verified) account. Some have said that both Payoneer and Skrill take time in verifying the identity of the user before allowing the account to be operational. Thus, you should consider applying for their accounts early.

For refund, I assume you are looking at how Gameflip protects seller. See