Unable to cancel the order as a Seller

I’m the seller and wanted to cancel the Order ID 5d035f80-02dc-492d-971e-80cab6c37aa4

I was slow in taking down this item because its code expired on january 1st, 2021. I apologized to the buyer and gave him a free code for a different pack, but when I went to cancel the order I realised that the button was not there! :open_mouth:
Is this a bug that I’m facing or the site was changed and sellers can’t cancel orders anymore? I don’t think this is the case of a “cancellation limit” because I have only cancelled a couple of orders in several months…

You can cancel the order only when buyer has started disputed. Unless this time, you are not able to cancel.

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Was the listing Auto delivery? If it was, then you can’t cancel it.

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