Under Review, yet they have my money.

Just started an account here today because I was trying to get a steam wallet code. There were none available at my store in town so I had to get a vanilla gift card to buy some online. Now, even though the money is already debited from said gift card, it shows my purchase as under review. So, they have my money but I don’t have my product. I’d like one or the other to me soon please. Had I known this purchase wasn’t going to be instant like it said it would, I never would have used this site. You really should be more forthcoming with that information from the start.

Hello Adelda_P. That’s a standard procedure when a payment method triggers a check. Virtual items are a lot more sensitive to these checks, so we need to make sure all transactions on the platform are legitimate to protect buyers and sellers.

If you’ve got your purchase under review, we’ll ask you few questions and after that your payments should be good to go.