undeserved poor rate

He wanted me to cancel the item he bought, so i did. But then he gave me poor for all the items he bought 1 week ago.I want those to be removed cause they are undeserved.And i want this guy to be warned cause of his actions
my inv code :LCVC2Z

@DarkKnight @MajorTom pls help me he cursed at me in a comment

I agree this is an unfair way to rate somebody

I always worry about this same thing, people not rating then rate bad a couple weeks later cause salty about a cancellation

The buyer has 30 days to rate transaction before the option to do so goes away, in my opinion that gap should be way shorter to avoid false feedback.

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Hello yakup_Akkus,

Could you please let us know the exchange/transaction ID of this issue?

@Noxcy In case it happens with you, please contact us here on the forum so we can further check it.


they ve solved my problem on live chat. thanks anyways for your attentiion @MajorTom