Unfair poor rate.

This buyer bought my product on RL- Steam. In the meantime I was playing and I did not see this order notification. May be after 40 min i added him and i delivered my items to him.Delivery time is almost 1 day
but I only delivered my items in 40-50 minutes late.And he made this comment to me.
I want this comment and this negative feedback to be deleted.

My code : 1RE9DE

This is order id : 2a0c1694-df68-46be-939c-6227cdd85757


@DunnBiscuit will look into it and will remove the negative feedback. Remember its the weekend so you may need to wait into Monday. There a chance they may get on the weekend and fix it.

Lucy :heart:

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Thank you for the information @CidxLucy

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@DunnBiscuit still waiting for an answer. Thanks :slight_smile: