Unfair Relevance page / Cant see my listings on my page too

I have been on the relevance page by being competitive and posting. And lets be honest, relevance page helps get orders.


And suddenly past 2 days, me and many other big sellers that were working hard, posting daily and being competitive have been completely wiped off of the relevance pages. I had so many ads on the relevance page, I was on the top. And now I dont even have 3 ads in relevance.

All I see is 1 seller’s listings. And 2 other sellers in another category. And the funny thing is only their weeks old lists are visible. Most are year or months old posts.

Can we sellers not get a break?? Past month has just been problems n bugs on the site.

  1. First the mess up with ratings twice,
  2. then with names,
  3. then with PayPal.
  4. then again ratings
  5. now with Relevance page??
  6. And can not even see my latest listings I post.

I along with several big sellers lost alot of business. After all the competition and our daily postings, we get this really?


Something is up with the relevance page.
Mine is sorta “old” for a while now, and I only see it normally once I hit the “most recent” option.
I hope they get that fixed soon, cuz its messing up everyones sales

yea they completely blew me th off of the relevance page. I worked months to stay on top of relevance n in just a moment I got wiped off.


Tagging you as I am not sure if this was visible to you.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Yea this is insane sales are at an all time low. One single person is visible on the relevant page for my marketplace. Idk what y’all did but you need to change it back

mate by now u should have understand that the market is moving to support massive big stores, as if ur blow 200+ rate or have keys no one else have or great discount u will not make it here

I am above 2700 ratings bro @baaziz0yassine

and I am the top seller for the category I sell

I’m here to post about this

My listings are on page 3 or something!!

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Gameflip have been doing really bad this past month. All you need to do, is stop changing things! You’re thinking it’s making the site better, but all you’re doing is making this site worse and making people leave.


100% doing extremely bad

I completely agree with you, and now with their new sort system their main page on walmart section only appear the sold out codes which sold from months ago just because these codes belong to sellers with high score and the on sale codes are on the infinite pages good luck to find them!

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