Display of sales on the main page

What happened with the display of things on the main page, now when I put up for sale my stuff it does not appear on the main page, and I put up for sale at the lowest price on the site, at best my stuff goes to page 20, because of this my things completely stopped selling! please return everything as it was before this update! otherwise I will have to leave your site and look for another place where to sell my skins!


What do I need to do to make my skin relevant? I did the lowest prices on the site, anyway the site reads that my things are not relevant and does not show them on the main page!

@DarkKnight, please comment what to do about it !?

@Sergio777 all posted listings appear on the main page but when you catch a big wave of people that post theirs at the same time (and some post many) you can even get few then less seconds of exposure because everyone else posts on top of you.

How to make my items for sale considered relevant?

Yes, please make it like it was until yesterday…
It’s definitely a bug and not wanted like it sort now the main page but also the sorting of the user profile… it’s all mixed up now!

I really think this chaos sorting is not wanted… makes no sense… let’s hope for a quick solution… :wink:

everything in my profile is also messed up

yeah, make “most recent” as default again please.
also you should implement “best value” or “good deals”

yea “Relevance” is very bad on dota2 and csgo.

I had in csgo to scroll 50 pages of stickers and keys to find any skins. It gonna be pretty bad for buyers at all.

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Yeah, zero sales cause of that because on main pages it is show relevant items instead of most recent. Also in the list of my sales it is show up old items which were sold week+ ago, and I can’t find my currently sales.


yea i sold only 1 item in last 24h - that pretty bad.

If i’m not gonna sell anymore here i will just start using other website for selling.

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I only see one seller in my particular marketplace. Going back weeks…it’s only one person selling. Is this just me? I’ve made next to no sales today because of it. Started last night this guy is making 100s of sales because no other merchants can be found

I recommend u guys checking out this post: New Relevance Sorting Algorithm

it didnt go back weeks, it simply wont show your listings on the relevance page unless u got a large amount of ratings lol, honestly terrible update for new sellers.

I just broke 3000 ratings yesterday. I haven’t ever had a problem like this, it literally started last night

oh wow, im not sure whats going on then… but yea that lowkey ruined my sales as well


I think it’s “good seller rating” not just massive number of ratings.

I have 0 neutral or negative

So are plenty of others!

yet none of our listings show,nor the listings of many others with “good seller rating”. How is this fair?

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