Updating Verification?

My account is verified in all aspects of ID, Phone, and Credit Card. I tried to add funds using my PayPal account but it has declined transactions in the past. I tried to add again and my payment is under review. The credit card I have is old and expired. Is there any way to add a PayPal account? How do I even verify PayPal, via email? For the past transactions I have had declined from PayPal, I have not received any emails regarding verification. My Code: TDVASB

there used to be paypal, but for some reason, I can’t pay with it anymore, unless loading funds which still get put under review… even though I’m completely verified… its odd.

Well, that is weird. I am able to add funds via Paypal just fine, although I’m only I.D verified. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can help you with. All I can say to you that is to contact Gameflip support, and they may be able to resolve this problem: https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Hello bro , You cannot add expired card, you can add funds using your PayPal it would be better, they will send to you email via gmail you will need to reply that email then funds will be added.

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