usa xbox one codes help

will usa xbox one games codes work on a uk xbox one, if i use a vpn to change my location to usa on my uk account, If not is there anyway to redeem the codes sellers sell in uk

change xbox region when you redeem

can i use a vpn and change my region on my pc to usa then goto on my account will it be availible like argentina codes are on my main uk account

I haven’t tried argentina myself but it should work.

you have already bought codes?

not yet wanted to check before i do

that’s why i asked ,in about half an hour I will give you a USA code for test:)

yes guys to answer your question it works as described with VPN …it works for ANY region including argentina HOWEVER you need to have some premium VPN as most non-premium servers will give error when trying to redeem code (so if you do get any error …try selecting other server from that VPN region and should work)

I have global key xbox