Xbox Argentina Codes

Hey there… so I have been reading on xbox subreddit, that buying argentina codes or changing the region to Argentina breaks Microsoft TOS. I have bought 4 games using a VPN for redemption and so far no issues, I asked on reddit but not too many users knows Gameflip. That’s why I am asking here, maybe happened to someone. Have someone got banned after using Argentina codes?

Hello @Mago6246,

I have not got banned personally for buying many cards and games from cheaper regions.

As you said, it is a breach of Microsoft Terms of Service, so if they catch you, I imagine that you would be suspended/banned.

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You have 0 risks ive used giftcodes from other regions for years. as long as the giftcard comes from a legitimate source you wont have any issues

Well that’s the main issue… you never known who is the seller behind of those argentina codes, recently I have seen several of them posting really cheap games. As long as it doesn’t happen the same thing that happened to the Nintendo switch games I’ll be happy :smiley:

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