My account got banned...

You don’t give me a chance to fix my listings. My listings are over 200 so it is hard to fix them. My ticket: 587241

why what did happen exactly,

  • and how long of a ban did you get
  • and why did they ban you

Hi, I sell Argentina codes for Microsoft store but Gameflip don’t allow you to tell customers using VPN to activate codes. Using VPN is not against Microsoft terms but Microsoft only don’t advise you to activate them codes with VPN. The fact with Argentina codes are cheap then others stores. For example you pay $60 in US store for game but in Argentina just $15-$20 for same game. There is a big difference between prices. The problem all buyers on gameflip who buy Argentina codes using VPN. There is no one from Argentina will buy from Gameflip because he can buy the game on Microsoft store more cheap then Gameflip. There another issue will happen if I don’t tell people to Activate the codes with VPN. The majority of my customers buy my codes without knowing that my codes are Argentina region. So I will receive bad rating and the buyer will tell the code doesn’t work. I can’t definitely give those a refund because they saw the code. I hope you understand because my English is not very good.

If you don’t know, I have been selling Argentina codes for over three months without any problems.


It is not allowed if you ask buyers to use VPN. You will have to specify it as Argentina region. I agree there is a big difference between prices but that is agaisnt Gameflip rules.

You will have to specify it as Argentina region on the listing description or header. Yeah so it is best not to put it as auto delivery if that’s the case so the buyers will not see the code upon purchase.

I understand that but it’s agaisnt Gameflip rules to sell something that requires VPN to redeem, I advise you not to sell that in the future anymore to prevent permanent suspension.

That might be because no one reported you. From what you wrote, I guess someone who bought from you reported you since the account Ban reason is suggesting buyers to use a VPN.

You will need to wait for a reply from Support since you submitted a ticket already or send a message to DarkKnight or MajorTom directly via DM.

Actually no one reported me. I was discussing with Gameflip support about that issue and they didn’t give me a chance to edit my listings. You can say I reported myself. :joy: The problem no one will get banned for using VPN with Microsoft codes. It is %100 safe. I talk about Microsoft codes but steam codes are different story. Hmmm If using VPN is against Gameflip terms, what about change DNS? I only give my opinion! I will not sell something that affects buyers negatively!

I don’t know about that. You could ask Gameflip support regarding that.

i know gameflip and from personal experience if u do sell those keys in future and try to help those buyers with the vpn and they open a dispute be ready for full bann as if u do get worming against it and you do it again your done plus using vpn is again low fi you didn’t know,
-bypass a region lock is computer crime and fraud, and in many country if you do get reported to the authority’s you will go to jail as it’s a crime because they did place those region for a reason and your not just bypassing them by abusing them, as you did state steam do ban you for it as it’s very easy on pc to do so as xbox is a condole they haven’t countered it right way as with nex-gen they will, as i know few people who did this kind of stuff with online cards and stuff and as someone did report them the GNCCB, as you may thin it’s simple thing but it’s not.

Yes man. You sell forbidden things against rules of Gameflip. You really know these rules and you try to cheat using this sneacky product description. You hide information about VPN and it is a big proof of your cheating. These screenshots show us what’s going on.

Description before expanding.

After expanding

Who said I will tell buyers to use VPN in the future. Why do you consider it crime? I asked Microsoft about this issue but it is not against them terms but they don’t advise people to do that. In my country this work is legit. Don’t forget there are some games you can buy it from Microsoft store on PC.

I recently know about this issue is against Gameflip terms, I am not hiding anything you can see region restriction is Argentina.

Did you try to buy from me? Before my account got banned. I asked buyers if they have any problems with using VPN. If he have problems with that, I cancel the transaction. Please think what did you say before you open your mouth.

Yes, but you hide information about using VPN

That doesn’t mean anything. If you check my listings I have others items for PS4 I do the same.

You can see this listing for example. It is for PS4 and I did the same.

Hi Both,

Please do not start a conflict on Forums. Topic will be closed if needed. There is no need for further replies unless needed.

Take it into DM’s if you wish but do not start a conflict here.
@_aa Contact Support about your issue and wait for a reply or DM DarkKnight directly about it.

DM works like this. VVV

Thank You.

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I do not start conflict. I provided additional information about seller’s description. What’s wrong? Is that normal to write few words in description and do a big space for hiding really important information? I introduce it and that’s all.

Because it will start a conflict which is not needed.

Gameflip Support will settle it. If it’s true, the punishment will be there. They can check accounts to see all of those. There’s no need to start any unnecessary conflicts.

In my opinion this ban is wrong. @_aa is a decent seller and I can trust him while my eyes closed. I bought keys from him and they are working. I think Gameflip should consider this situation again…

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If anything else, just message DarkKnight/MajorTom or the person you want to talk to directly via DM’s.

Gameflip Support will check and verify the situation since he/she has already made a ticket to Support. They are fair so don’t worry about it. If rules are broken, punishments will be given. If not, they won’t.


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