Hello i got Banned Ahead after a warn while i was going to follow up this warn

basically… i was selling steam games and i got warned for selling them “VPN Thing” and i was ok with the warn and gameflip deleted my steam listings and its okay too i was going to already listen to it as they said in the warn if i continued… but i didnt even have a chance to remove anyth and i got banned ahead… like why i got ahead ban? it was my first warn in Gameflip since i started ever… i mean like i was going to follow up this warn…im also one of top people selling Gigs on gameflip…

my account prof link > https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:5291b9f4-86ef-4ce7-b1cf-77f207eedc46/x-productions-store-away-?page=1&start=0

Ban reason > Account Banned (Conducting sales outside of Gameflip)

Support answered my Email and telling me an invalid ban reason “selling outside gameflip” which is not ture and never happened and i would never even do it… wish you guys would be more accurate to this type of sensitive situations… i got warned for steam listings and it was my first warn and i agree to follow it … and that warn was to tell me to not repeat it… why i got banned after it by mins ? and reason is for real invalid…


and if that reason was supposed to be meant for the listings i made and got sold after it by mins wasn’t a sale outside gameflip

simply it was a steam game listing and my customer bought it… i asked him if i can cancle it and make a new listing where i can get my money ahead and not 2days pending and why?

beacuse my country “EGYPT” has rules with paypal that i must withdraw my money Every 1st day of each month which is called “Auto Withdrawl” and i had to do that to get my money or i wont wait 1month for it.

i even asked my customer if he is okay with it and he said ok… but truth is i swear i never sold anyth outside gameflip… i can prove you Discord chats with the date if you guys dont believe me…

also i have got banned reason (Account Banned (Selling codes as “instant delivery” but didn’t inform the code to buyers in time. ) but i didnt it after got first warning on march i see some one banning every one with mistake reason, this is not fair
more than 24 hours admins didnt check. messages this is very serious problem

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Hey man. You have very confusing description. You said your item is global but really it has region restriction. And if someone ask you really information about region - you answer about global region.
You also forces to use your site to conducting deals. And also you ask to pay ahead, so why I like a buyer have to pay you ahead instead receive item? And also do not forget how you do deals outside gameflip using site from your profile.
Here is scr. about description and answer to user, etc.



@Donjons i didnt know i had to put Region Restriction and i got warned for it and knew it but i got banned ahead after it by mins so didnt have chance to do anyth to fix my situation
but about selling stuff outside gameflip is not true what do you mean with that?

oh the merch store link i didnt really know that its not allowed if i had a chance to know i would delete it asap…

is there a chance where i could get unsuspended like others got the same chance and fix all of this stuff? i got warned about steam listings and i was going to fix it but i got banned ahead for the reason of that link… i would have deleted it if i knew…

and meaning of global. is that the game become global after activiation

" iam using Gameflip for over 2 years " - yes, you use gameflip about 2 years and you know about rules. Do not try to fool. You know about description, about link of outside site, you know about all of it. And during 2 years you forces a part of buyers to use your merch site.

how iam forcing them and i know all about it?? i even forgot that i have that link in my description you dont know more than me. i didnt even know it wasn’t allowed until you have told me now
and if i really know i wouldnt be asking about getting unsuspended

i guess you’re the person who reported me not so far… i see so much hate in your talks

got unsuspended already… thanks
admins can close the topic.

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I write true things. And you play an innocent role. I did not report you, but I know how you do deals.

no im not playing an innocent role. you better say that to a scammer who scam people. i have 130 Satisfied customers and none had any problem but im gonna fix the mistakes i have in my store at all…thanks for replying