Violation of user agreement

Hello, dear Gamefleip.
Today I want to discuss the problem of selling Gift Steam with regional restrictions.
Many people know that regional policy prices are implemented in Steam, i.e. In some regions, the price of the game is lower.
Many may want to circumvent these regional restrictions and buy the game cheaper. Steam prohibits and restricts it, but with the use of VPN, it can be done. But this is a direct violation of the Steam user agreement.
Many people on the site are selling Russian Gift, for which activation you need VPN. I want to note that 99% of their sales are Russian Steam Gift, so this is their main product. I sent reports, but support does not pay attention to them.


The lasty one reported i could take down the listings and warn the seller. Can you share with me listings where the other sellers guide users to use such tool?


Hello. Thanks for the answer. That’s all I found at the moment. Please solve this problem.

I need the information requested before to continue checking this out.

Thank you.

Well they gift the games.

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Hello. I again want to report that they continue to violate the user agreement and sell the goods in circumvention of regional restrictions.

Hello Gameflip.
Two weeks have passed since the creation of this topic, but nothing has changed.
Many sellers continue to sell Russian Gifts, which require VPN to activate.

I do not understand, is it forbidden or not?
If yes, why does nothing change.
If no, does this mean that anyone can sell Russian gifts on the site, for activation via VPN?

Nothing has changed…

Well, why it should be not allowed?

He wrote is region locked for RU, is not hidden or anything.

Same as people sell region locked gifts for usa/canada/eu, they should be able to sell for other regions as well, as long they dont hide it.

Ofc, Activating via VPN is a risk for buyer. But once again, he dont hide that is russian region only.


I agree with that

I want to get an answer, simply because my husband received a suspension for it (it was already taken off, but it was banned from selling such goods).
I want to explain to me whether it is forbidden or not.
In the first case, the question arises why my husband suspended the account.
In the second, why do others do it.

Can I get a response from the moderator?
Selling goods to activate which need a VPN, contrary to the rules of the site?
Is it possible to engage in such activities without the likelihood of blocking?

Hello Jill_Jill!

Yea, unfortunately, you are not allowed to sell items that obligates users to use a VPN in order to redeem the items. So all you have to do is specify the region in the listing and wait for a user that agrees and can redeem the item in that certain region.

In the case of others doing this type of forbidden activity, you inform us through reports or here in the forum and we will take the right measures toward that user.

God speed!

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All these sellers use the Steam regional policy in their countries (game prices are lower in less prosperous countries), for sending a gift from their region to another they force you to use VPN. In the description this is not said to avoid blocking.

This is an article about how it all works.

im the owner of one of these stores, and i have read gameflip rules and i dont see a problem in it if the user agree to attemp that. we are not forcing them since we make it clear in the describtion. and if they dont want, they could purchase a key from another seller. so whats the problem? if your husband got problems with gameflip why you have to harm us for nothing bad we are doing lol. make it clear with gameflip Moderation not with us -.-

I created this topic to find out the situation and get a response from the moderators. From the correspondence, I clearly understood that the sale of goods through VPNs contradicts the rules of the site.
You can sell your gift, but you must remove any information that the buyer can play or activate it in any region other than that for which the gift is intended.

okay and hope your husband gets unbanned, and once again we are not forcing anyone to use vpns, they know what they must do and they choose our way.

Many people want to buy and use heroin. To limit this, there are laws and regulations that control and prohibit its sale. Like here.
When my husband was blocked, I did not understand why. Therefore, I began to study the question of why the sale through VPN is prohibited, I read that the Steam account can be blocked for using VPN. Therefore, buyers do not even suspect what the risk.
No one in the description has a word about VPN. The buyer sees only the words that he can play in any region. He buys the game without knowing anything about VPN.

i know someone selling russian region games and this same way for almost 6 years and he never got banned or even warned , so its clear tho

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