Help deal with the buyer

Hello, I can not deal with the buyer. He writes that he can not activate the code on his platform (STEAM), in the description for the product I indicated that it can not be activated in STEAM. He asks for a refund, but I think that he will deceive me and already activated the code.

Pls help me:roll_eyes:

Order id:d2b41448-18ee-496f-8ad3-99c3fa152956
My inv TYBA6X

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Then why did you sell a code as a Steam game?

I did not specify that he was in Steam

Yeah, my apologies. I saw it wasn’t in In-Game Items section. Then you have pretty strong case.

My buyer threw the code to everyone …

Well, if you wrote on description the code wasn’t for steam, if your listing wasn’t under steam games you shouldn’t worry.

Yes,i do this.


I was able to remove the hold from this purchase.

You may rate the transaction so you can receive your money.