Wtf is going on? Gameflip im not selling accounts omg why u ban me 1 month please unban

Please please please unban me i wont wait 1 month and my money there :frowning:

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Im banned bcz i sell 20 steam key bundle i dont know the games how i know then? Cmon gameflip pls unban me…

If Subscription not allowed,unban me and give me a chance please :pray:

@MajorTom :broken_heart::sob:

نكمك القحبة

@MajorTom Hope u reply soon…

  • i dont have my invite code only user + num

Are you selling “random” games in a bundle? that is not allowed.

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Hey there mohukho,

Can you PM me your email or phone number that you’ve used to register in your Gameflip account?

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@MajorTom done, hope u give me a chance :innocent::white_check_mark:

@MajorTom when u wakeup message me :heart:

@MajorTom bro?

This admin banned my ■■■ permantly lmao

so instead of 1 month now the made perma bann wow

@MajorTom :))

@mohukho Really? Should I tell them why I have banned you permanently?

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Just answer the question I sent a few hours ago you via PM.