Issue with games code from xbox

Hello, a few days ago, I bought the xbox one s and I decided to buy games on Gameflip in the Games section. The problem is that after buying several games, I realized that no code from Gameflip was working on my xbox account. My xbox tells me that I live in a wrong country to activate the code while yet, on the Gameflip ad, it says global.
So I can’t use the codes I buy on Gameflip and the sellers don’t understand why I have this problem either.
In addition, less than an hour ago, a salesman came to me and told me that I had used his code and that I should send him money because otherwise I am a scammer but the problem is that I have the message that I can’t use it and that the game is not even in my library.
So I decided for the moment to withdraw my gameflip money and buy my games on another site until I can find a solution.

Thank you for helping me I don’t know what to do to solve my problem

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